Beer'd Al Podcast

The podcast where we talk about TWO of the greatest things in the world:
Beer and "Weird Al"

Recent Episodes

Very Special Episode: Underrated Tracks on Polka Party! ft. Nathan Rabin

June 2, 2023

You know who's on this show almost as often as John? It's the preeminent "Weird Al" scholar Nathan Rabin, of course! (I'm kind of kidding... John is here a BIT more than Nathan Rabin. But I'm not the one that does the math.)…

Third Anniversary Special: The Epic Rerank Extravaganzapalooza

May 26, 2023

Can you even believe it? Beer'd Al has been around for three whole entire years! And boy have we learned some things. Chief among them... Our initial rankings were trash. Our opinions were objectively wrong. Crinimally wrong…

Very Special Episode: IGP Album Review Takeover - Medium Rarities

May 19, 2023

Please don't adjust your televisions! You are, in fact, listening to the Beer'd Al Podcast. It's just that this week is a little different. You see, the is very literally part of the…

Episode 71: If That Isn't Love ft. Juice Force, Wicked Hazy, Harvest Ale, & Łomża Jasne

May 12, 2023

If that isn't love, I don't know what love is! We're celebrating our parents' wedding anniversary today (yes, TODAY!) with this episode. We're discussing "If That Isn't Love" from Alpocalypse. Because if what our parents hav…

Episode 70: Taco Grande ft. Bromosa, El Trono, & Desert Rider

May 5, 2023

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! We’re doing the only logical thing a podcast about “Weird Al” can do on this day… We’re talking about “Taco Grande,” of course! In this fun episode, we get into quite a bit of detail about Mexic…

Very Special Episode: Underrated Tracks on Off the Deep End ft. Rob from The Great Song Podcast

April 28, 2023

These underrated track episodes are always fire! An they just keep coming! This week I've got Rob from and here to talk about what we feel are the most underr…