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Are you ready for a BIG HUGE CONTEST?

Well, boy, do we have the contest for you!

We're giving away TWO copies of Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz's book Black & White & Weird All Over to TWO lucky listeners!

(So each winner gets one copy of the book. That's clear, right?)

Black & White & Weird All Over: The Lost Photographs of "Weird Al" Yankovic  '83 – '86: Schwartz, Jon "Bermuda", Yankovic, "Weird Al": 9781948221160: Books

This is a beautiful 208 page hardcover coffee table book that is a MUST HAVE for even the most casual "Weird Al" fan. (It's especially great for the more formal "Weird Al" fans!)

Are you saying to yourself, "GOSH! I want that!"???

Weird Al GIFs | Tenor

If you are, then here's what you need to do!

Leave a 5-star review (because, I mean, you really mean it, right?!) for Beer'd Al Podcast on any of the following:

GoodPods (Note: GoodPods links must be accessed from your smartphone)
Apple Podcasts

After you do that, take a screenshot and send an email to us!

Leave a review on all three? That's three entries!

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Want extra entries???

Leave 5-star reviews for our OddPods Media friends on GoodPods! Same deal. You'll get an extra entry for each screenshot you send.

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Contest will run from Monday 11/29/2021 until Sunday 12/05/2021.

Winners will be contacted via email Monday 12/06/2021.

Shipping to continental US only (this is a huge book and we're only human!).

Weird Al's new album will drop in 5 days to express my excitement here is  every Weird Al .gif off my PC - Album on Imgur