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Great Tribute to Weird Al!

I listened to the episode 19 (Polka Power), very fun and interesting revisit of 90's alternative music. Here are some highlights:

* Interesting review of Willy Wonka prior to the episode. :)
* Marilyn Manson has some good songs...maybe 5. I remember the rib removal rumor also.
* Mcnabb puking in the Superbowl was shake laugh.
* Eli Manning definitely had dumb face.
* Nice Blurred Lines joke, definitely prefer Word Crimes.
* Lots of funny karaoke, especially The Beastie Boys and Madonna ones.
* Nice Sean Connery impersonation.
* Very cool discussion about Bond movies through the decades.

March 15, 2021 by mexicanjunior on Apple Podcasts

Beer'd Al Podcast