The podcast where we talk about TWO of the greatest things in the world: Beer and "Weird Al"
Beer'd Al Podcast

Well, isn't that neat?

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Love this show!

At first I was like that’s a weird combo— weird Al and Beer, but after listening I love this unique podcast— so fun and entertaining!

Who knew Weird Al and Beer Compliment each other

This show is incredible. I have learned so much more about Weird Al and beer then I ever thought I would or need to but I’m so glad I found this show.

Pure Genius

Who knew this is what we need in 2020?! They sure as hell did!

Dare to Be Stupid With These Folks!

This podcast is totally charming. Just listen to their recent Very Special Episode to hear what we mean. The conversations are thoughtful, entertaining, and inviting. Stop reading this review and just click subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Didn’t know I needed this

But gosh darn is it immaculate. Weird Al and beer? ‘Nuff said. Check it out now, or Al himself will cry. (It’s true, he told me.)

Weird Al and Beer!

I mean, what more could you want in life?! This podcast is original and amazing. If you’re not subscribed and listening, come on! 🤘🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheers to Weird Al!

This show is so much fun and always a great time. Keep up the awesome work! 🍻

Great show!!

Found this show the other day and couldn’t be happier!! Charming, entertaining and full of info! Just the escape I was looking for! Very happy to subscribe!

What a great idea for a podcast

Fun and charming and you get awesome beer recommendations what’s not to love 5/5 highly recommend


Slot of great information on Weird Al’s music really took me back a decade! Lol The hosts are great! Entertaining and funny. If your a Weird Al fan it’s a must add!